About Us

Who We AreWe are an innovative educational company with a simple goal that delivers quantifiable and sustainable results.

Over a decade, Edumark has been creating projects and programs of value within the industry.  Believing that the success of any educational institution rests solely on its ability to distinguish itself and create a brand that prospective clients and partners would desire to associate with, Edumark focus on building an educational reputation.

Our entry into the industry is to help institutions: develop right strategies to enhance the value of their school, improve the quality of education that assist schools to understand modules of operation, prepare and overcome the challenges of the marketplace which has earned us the most trusted brand in the field of education.

We saw that education deserved its own agency where the energy goes into research, analysis, and strategy to help schools achieve their highest potentials.

Edumark was initially established in the year 2006. The company started with a simple vision of knowing that “Education is a powerful change agent” which is why we position ourselves as a creative tool powering the sector to successfully bring about the deserved result with the desired mission to help institutions be the best they can be through exceptional, creative, innovative programs and projects.

Edumark has a reputation of being the first marketing communication firm established to help institutions develop the right strategies to enhance the value of their brand and generally improve the quality of education.

Often times, everyone speculates on how to build a great team where everyone is competent and motivated to deliver and manage healthy relationships with parents, alumni, staff, and other stakeholders, how to build an institution that outlives the founding team.

Long before the education sector became an attractive market to many, Edumark started working with schools in diverse capacities as Goals & Ideas Ltd. We helped private schools and universities with advert creation and media placement, growing enrolment figures, training schools staff, producing effective marketing materials, connecting them with credible suppliers, and implementing events that matched the best in any other sector. With our signatory foresight, we predicted the stiff competition that now exists in private education and profers possible solutions to many clients to ensure they stand out amidst the wave. Today, our early clients are not only surviving, they are thriving in the educational sector.

Dive Into Our Fascinating WorldWe've created successful platforms and projects that continue to support educational institutions, organizations, and governments.