Effective Admission Promotional Campaign

Effective Admission Promotional Campaign is one of Edumark’s service that ensures parents finds you first when looking for good schools to enroll their child/children.
Base on our continuous education review, the educational industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Yet many colleges and universities are still struggling with downward enrolment caused by the national economy, ROI questions, tuition rates and more.
To succeed, schools must engage prospective students throughout the marketing funnel, from early awareness to enrolment and beyond.
We leverage on your aspirations to capture the attention of your target audience, employing numerous creative executions which includes both traditional and digital means that increase school growth to guarantee maximum return on investment. We have also created platforms where your institutions become easy to locate anywhere, anytime.
Our effective and well structured Admission Promotional Campaign has a huge impact on:

  • School enrolment figures
  • Value of your school
  • Edge over competitors
  • School prominence

Ensuring that your marketing efforts are not wasted; Our Admission Promotional Campaign help achieve your school growth goal by simplifying your communications and analytics so you can focus your time on what really matters: turning qualified student into successful graduates.

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