Public Relation and Crisis Management

public relation

Schools spend years building a brand, establishing their reputation then crisis hits. Edumark crisis management methodology applies series of proven tools with an effective public relation management throughout the process to help manage reputation in the face of crisis.

Effective crisis management handles the threats sequentially. The primary concern in a crisis has to be public safety. A failure to address public safety intensifies the damage from a crisis.

Edumark manages public perception and relationship with stakeholders who include immediate community, parents, alumni, media etc. Reputation and financial concerns are considered after public safety has been remedied. Ultimately, crisis management is designed to protect an organization and its shareholders from threats or reduce the impact felt by threats.

PR is important to build rapport with staffs, parent, school owners and the general public. Almost any school that has a stake on how she should be portrayed in the public employs some level of public relations. Our PR professionals know how to write clearly, speak clearly, and think analytically.