Premium Staff Training

We are experienced consultants on staff training (teaching and non-teaching) which has been the secret to hundreds of award-winning training we have designed. Our goal is to deliver quantifiable and sustainable results.
Edumark School Growth Academy has grown to become the industry’s most recognized in training and coaching due to our unique approach of providing training which ranges from setting up to development towards expansion.
We offer Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training for your staff both teaching and non-teaching in a way that moves your school from “good” to “outstanding”. Our premium staff training cover academic such as:

  • Academic Issues
  • Teacher Expertise Issues
  • Team-Building
  • Building School Brand
  • Growing Enrollment Figures
  • Effective School Marketing
  • Leadership

In addition, the experience provided empowers our clients with up to date and extensive knowledge not available from other training companies.

Brand Creation and Management

Brand creation is a systematic plan defining the clear vision and articulation of how a brand will create attractiveness and demand on the market and commitment or influence among many key stakeholders. There is no prescription or template for developing a brand strategy as it needs to be based on your company’s industry and competitive specific variables in order to allow the brand to successfully represent the strategic vision driving business performance, culture and attitude.
As a brand management ambassador we understand that your brand is your asset and like any other asset, it must be managed with due attention and addiction to ensure consistency and relevance towards the current market situations. Edumark provides that best brand management services through strategic advertising mean that cut across both traditional and digital media platforms making your business visible to all its prospective audience.
We believe in an uninterrupted focus of who our client is and this has given birth to our team of integrated marketing communications and consumer psychology executives, who work with you from ideation to implementation with results to intentionally build an enduring brand for your institution.

Admission Promotional Campaign

Effective Admission Promotional Campaign is one of Edumark’s service that ensures parents finds you first when looking for good schools to enroll their child/children.
Base on our continuous education review, the educational industry continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Yet many colleges and universities are still struggling with downward enrolment caused by the national economy, ROI questions, tuition rates and more.
To succeed, schools must engage prospective students throughout the marketing funnel, from early awareness to enrolment and beyond.
We leverage on your aspirations to capture the attention of your target audience, employing numerous creative executions which includes both traditional and digital means that increase school growth to guarantee maximum return on investment. We have also created platforms where your institutions become easy to locate anywhere, anytime.
Our effective and well structured Admission Promotional Campaign has a huge impact on:

  • School enrolment figures
  • Value of your school
  • Edge over competitors
  • School prominence

Ensuring that your marketing efforts are not wasted; Our Admission Promotional Campaign help achieve your school growth goal by simplifying your communications and analytics so you can focus your time on what really matters: turning qualified student into successful graduates.

Top Quality Print Production

Edumark Print Production is a service solution for successful and high-quality school printing marketing material such as yearbooks, newsletters, calendars, corporate souvenirs, and lot more.

As a service printing firm, we provide many business-to-business services you might not expect to find under a roof. Yes, we print just about any form imaginable. The Edumark production team works with you to produce premium-finish marketing materials that represent your school coherently.

Understanding that quality stays in the heart of the people, and how you appear determines how you are addressed. We pride ourselves on excellent customer satisfaction, allowing your materials to build for you a strong brand presence which allows you to gain dominance that converts prospects into customers.

Edumark print production has an absolute commitment to excellence.

Digital Marketing

There’s no denying it, the world is rapidly shifting from analog to digital. People are consuming more digital content on a daily basis on mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers.
An average target parent today is a millennial and they live online, which makes digital marketing an effective medium of engaging clients and leads, through their most accessible means “ONLINE”. The more they see you and your content, the more familiar they will become with your brand and they will eventually develop a trust and a rapport with you through your online presence.
However, to stay ahead of competitors, schools need to engage customers in a deeper and more personalized way, making use of data and insights from customer behavior.
Edumark Digital Marketing solutions include:

  • Website creation/upgrade and management
  • Content creation and management
  • Social media account management

Our digital marketing team will help create and recreate responsive websites that convert a prospect to customer; help runs strategic social media presence and ads that achieve your business goals.

Public Relation and Crisis Management

Schools spend years building a brand, establishing their reputation then crisis hits. Edumark crisis management methodology applies series of proven tools with an effective public relation management throughout the process to help manage reputation in the face of crisis.
Effective crisis management handles the threats sequentially. The primary concern in a crisis has to be public safety. A failure to address public safety intensifies the damage from a crisis.
Edumark manages public perception and relationship with stakeholders who include immediate community, parents, alumni, media etc. Reputation and financial concerns are considered after public safety has been remedied. Ultimately, crisis management is designed to protect an organization and its shareholders from threats or reduce the impact felt by threats.
PR is important to build rapport with staffs, parent, school owners and the general public. Almost any school that has a stake on how she should be portrayed in the public employs some level of public relations. Our PR professionals know how to write clearly, speak clearly, and think analytically.

School Management Consulting and Advisory Services

Schools management require more than just finance; experience shows the powerful role advisory services can play in unlocking investment and helping school owners meet the demand of parents.
Edumark consult has a team of international educators and associated professionals who are experienced in managing schools throughout the world.
Our experience shows that companies need more than just a financial investment to thrive; they need advice on business best practices such as:

  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Project Management
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Strategic Business Planning

Edumark School Management and Advisory Services provide complete oversight for your school allowing owners and boards to benefit from our wealth of exposure.